1. IxOS 9.00 introduces a new High performance mode for Windows chassis.
    The two modes supported are:
    1. IxServer High Performance mode (default):
      1. Improves load module performance, especially in multi user scenarios
      1. Native IxOS chassis' only support High Performance mode:
    2. IxServer Standard Performance mode:
      1. Equivalent to performance in releases prior to IxOS 9.00
      1. Not all load modules are supported in High Performance mode. For load modules not supported in High Performance mode, the chassis can be switched to Standard Performance mode.
    3. For a list of modules supported in High and Standard Performance modes, please check the IxOS 9.00 Load Module – IxServer performance mode compatibility support bulletin

1. What platform are you using?

  • Starting from IxOS 9.00, IxOS installation is no longer supported on the PSOne, XGS2-HS and XGS12-HS chassis with Windows OS. To install IxOS and compatible Ixia Applications on these platforms, the management operating system must first be converted to Native IxOS 8.50 EA. The conversion procedure is described in Converting_XGS_and_PSOne_to_Native_IxOS.pdf, which can be downloaded from IxOS 8.50 EA Downloads And Update page.

2. What is the base software running on your platform?

3. Would you like to convert from Windows to Native IxOS?

Please answer all the above questions

Conversion Packages

Windows to Native IxOS Platform Conversion Package using installer (.zip) (9.00)

Use this file to perform conversion to Native IxOS 9.00 using installer file on a Windows-based XGS12-SD and XGS2-SD chassis. Steps for conversion are provided in "Converting XGS-SD to Native IxOS Guide (PDF)" present under "User Documentation" section at the end of this page. After conversion, please upgrade to IxOS 9.00 Patch3 following steps provided in "Native IxOS Update Instructions guide".

(MD5 Checksum: d864b28d578e5991d5c2c8c8aafed3c2)

Software Packages

IxExplorer 9.00 Patch3 Installer (.exe)

Note: This is a standalone IxExplorer installer (which includes tcl client components). It can be installed on supported Windows OS and can be used to connect to Ixia Chassis regardless of whether it is running IxOS (Windows) or IxOS (Native).

(MD5 Checksum: 78c3bef36b7f93d50557253633b19b10)

Ixia Wireshark Installer (.exe)

Note: IxExplorer now requires a separate installation of Ixia Wireshark for Capture View and Analysis.

(MD5 Checksum: fdfdbbcf8357fb36aa2965cd04e80c93)

IxOS 9.00 Patch3 Install (IxServer & IxExplorer) (.exe)

(MD5 Checksum: 3636add018ebf5b64b5c9ff8b2d96dc5)

Native IxOS 9.00 Patch3 Offline update package (.tar.gz) (9.00.1900.24)

This update package can be used for systems that do not have Internet access to update IxOS on Native IxOS platform. Copy this package to ftp://<Native-IxOS chassis IP> and then proceed with installation from CLI ("install ixos <build-version>").

Note: Detailed steps are provided in Native IxOS Update Instructions guide

(MD5 Checksum: 2d8904b5ea2394f1a2d6f52305d1eaf3)

Native IxOS Update Instructions

Optional Components

Platform Independent API
Note: This contains only Ixia library files. For language packages like tcl, python, perl, install API-Dependencies Linux x86 or 64-bit installer.

(MD5 checksum: 77d929d18cb13ce23a0514f044384cb0)

TCL Client (Linux, compressed tar)

(MD5 checksum: 12bb480485c261ba71395fefe3e04c4b)

TCL Client (Linux 64-bit, compressed tar)

(MD5 checksum: f46a39dc0b8c5b69c043be98c325306d)

TCL Client (FreeBSD, compressed tar)

(MD5 checksum: 0b9f722ef9163a8c17db312ec2ff91c8)

API-Dependencies Linux x86 installer
Note: This installer is recommended to be used in association with the Platform Independent TCL

(MD5 checksum: 2467e823a8cee792b04f4fc6227acdda)

API-Dependencies Linux 64-bit installer
Note: This installer is recommended to be used in association with the Platform Independent API

(MD5 checksum: 6acf1a5f7fbbcc753e8405854238c73f)

User Documentation

Release Notes
Converting XGS-SD to Native IxOS Guide (PDF)
Windows 10 Upgrade Guide (PDF)