There are many reasons why products eventually reach the end of their product life cycle. These reasons may include market demand, replacement by next generation products, component availability or technology changes. Ixia understands that when a product reaches its end of life stage, customers will have concerns as to how the product will be supported. This policy provides customers an explanation of the EOL process for Ixia products. Due to the reasons stated above, Ixia may place any product into the EOL process at any time. Ixia will use commercially reasonable efforts to follow the standard policy outlined below but may elect to accelerate or modify the process for specific products.

All deviations are noted on the EOL table posted on the Ixia Website. Below is a description of the standard EOL policy, associated milestones and timelines.

Key Milestones:

There are four key milestones associated with the EOL process.  The product EOL cycle is defined, in the order below:

End-of-Sale Announcement (EOSA) - Ixia will give notice on its public website that it intends to discontinue sales of a product. The announcement will include an End-of-Sale date, which will be six (6) months after the EOSA date.

End-of-Sale (EOS) - After this date, EOS products will not be available for purchase. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Ixia may continue to accept orders if it has stock of such products and it is commercially viable to do so; however, support will only be offered in accordance with either this EOL policy or such other terms as Ixia may advise the customer. The EOS date will be six (6) months after the EOSA date.

End-of-Development (EOD) – Once a product reaches EOD, Ixia will identify the last compatible software version for that product.  Ixia does not guarantee future software releases will be compatible with EOD products.  The EOD date will be one (1) year after the EOS date.

End-of-Life (EOL) - After this date, Ixia will not provide technical support services, including but not limited to configuration assistance, license deregistration, software upgrade/downgrade assistance, software bug fixes or  hardware repair services on the EOL product. This date will be four (4) years after the EOD date or five (5) years after the EOS date, whichever is earlier.

Product Support Policy:

As long as the product is under warranty, Ixia will continue to provide new features, enhancements, bug fixes, software version updates and correct hardware defects with either repair or replacement up until the EOD date. After EOD date, as long as the product remains under a valid warranty, Ixia will use commercially reasonable efforts, and at its discretion, to provide software and hardware support until the EOL date. 

In cases where hardware repair is not possible and an exact replacement is not available, Ixia reserves the right to replace the product with an alternate product of similar or greater functionality. There may be cases when such repair or replacement is not possible, in which case Ixia repair services will do as much as possible to use commercially reasonable efforts to reduce any functional deficiency to a minimum. 

Renewals of Warranty, and Support - Ixia will continue to sell warranty renewals (Extended Warranties / maintenance) and support on hardware and software products until the EOL date.  When applicable, charges will be pro-rated so that the warranty ends on the EOL date.

Document Number: 912-0241-01, Rev. A

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