Important Information

On August 12th, 2022, many of Keysight’s Network Test, Network Visibility, & Edge to Core (NAS/formerly Ixia) products will migrate to a new license structure.

CRITICAL: If you perform licensing operations after August 12th, 2022, without upgrading the licensing software to the latest version, licenses may not register properly, and some features may be missing. This could impact testing and result in downtime.

For details, click here.

BreakingPoint™ Virtual Edition (VE)
Version Number:
9.00 Update 3
Build Number: Build: 379376
Release Date:
Thursday, January 16, 2020

BreakingPoint 9.00 Update 3 is a minor release adding support for Microsoft Hyper-V and Proxy feature on Virtual Edition, further enhances the REST API version 2 which was firstly introduced with BreakingPoint 9.00 release, adds several statistics in the Test Report and multiple other enhancements for SSL and Virtual Edition.


BreakingPoint 9.00 Update 3 Virtual Edition deliveres an upgraded base image and requires new deployment. Upgrade cannot be performed over existing BreakingPoint Virtual Edition setups.

The 9.00 release is the final release planned to support VMware ESXi / vCenter 5.x environments. Starting with 9.10 release we will only support VMware ESXi / vCenter 6.X (and newer) environments. Please contact Ixia Support in case you are still planning to use VMware ESXi 5.X after 12/31/2019.

Starting with 9.00 release, running an IPsec test would require an additional package to be installed on top of main BreakingPoint software from the Third Party Software download section.


Third Party Software