Important Information

On August 12th, 2022, many of Keysight’s Network Test, Network Visibility, & Edge to Core (NAS/formerly Ixia) products will migrate to a new license structure.

CRITICAL: If you perform licensing operations after August 12th, 2022, without upgrading the licensing software to the latest version, licenses may not register properly, and some features may be missing. This could impact testing and result in downtime.

For details, click here.

BreakingPoint - Strikepacks
Version Number:
OS v3.5.1 - v8.2x
Release Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Note: Be aware that if you install ATI version 297900 (or greater) you will not be able to revert to an earlier ATI version. If you revert to an earlier ATI version after installing ATI version 297900 (or greater) and run AppSim/ClientSim or Security tests they will fail. You will need to re-install the ATI version 297900 or a newer version in order to get back into a good state.

ATI Updates OS v3.5.1 - 8.2x (PerfectStorm,FireStorm,Storm)