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Sunday, April 23, 2023
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IxANVL 9.35 release includes Enhancements to existing suites and Bug fixes since the previous release. 

The following is a brief description of enhanced Test Suites: 
  1. TC8-AUTO-ETH-L2 
             - Test Suite is enhanced and it covers 70 test cases from   
spec OA_Automotive_Ethernet_ECU_TestSpecification_Layer_2_v3.0
             - GUI support is added for the test suite 
             - Test Suite is upgraded to give user a provision to run with or without ARP Request and Response as part of Active-Validation and Post-Test testing after every test case. A new parameter entry "TC8-L2 Run with ARP" is added where user can select TRUE/FALSE based on testing need
  2. DHCPv6-Client-PD - 2 new test cases are added from RFC 8415 to cover mixing of IA_NA and IA_PD in same DHCPv6 message. The test suite contains 24 test cases from RFC 3633 and RFC 8415
  3. BFD - Test Cases 4.13, 10.20, 15.15 are customized such that Advertised Desired Minimum Rx Interval can be changed based on parameter entry 'BFD Tolerance Time'
  4. DHCPv6-Client - Test Cases 27.3, 27.4 are updated such that REL_MAX_RC can be customized based on parameter entry 'DHCPv6 Default Max Retransmissions' 

Application Compatibility

NOTE: When you are using one or more of the applications below on a single chassis configuration, please use the correct application versions so they align to a common version of IxOS.


IxOS 9.30












IxANVL Workstation Requirements

CPU: 64-bit Processors
RAM: 2GB or more 
Disk: 4GB free or more 

Windows OS: 

Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit

Windows Server 2016 64-bit



NOTE: IxANVL supports the US English versions of the Windows OS. Although, IxANVL may run on other versions of  Windows OS, they are not officially supported by Ixia. If you attempt to install or run IxANVL on any version of Windows OS other than the U.S. English versions, the IxANVL installation or operation may fail.

Linux OS: 

CentOS 7.5 (CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804, Kernel 3.10.0-862.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP)

CentOS 7.9 (CentOS Linux rekease 7.9.2009, Kernel 3.10.0-1160.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP)


CentOS-6.5  (64 bit) with kernel 2.6.32-431.el6.x86_64

Important Note: Java has a known caveat that requires an extra rpm file, xorg-x11-deprecated-libs-6.8.2-31.i386.rpm, that sometimes is not installed by default on an RHE 5.0 machine. As the IxANVL installer is a Java-based application, it is required that this file be installed in order to function normally. Please refer to the Linux installation notes below for a workaround to fix this problem.

Ixia Chassis OS: IxOS 9.30  

Supported Test Interfaces

Network interface cards directly attached to a Linux or Windows PC

Ethernet 10/100
Gigabit Ethernet

Ixia Load Modules (port CPU required) accessed via Virtual Network Interface Card (VNIC)

10/100/1000 Ethernet Modules:

  • LM100TXS8
  • LM100STSXS2
  • LM1000STXS4
  • OLM1000STXS24
  • LM1000STXR4
  • LSM1000XMS12-01/LSM1000XMSR12-01
  • ALM1000T8
  • LSM1000XMV16-01/LSM1000XMV12-01/LSM1000XMV8-01/LSM1000XMV4-01
  • LSM1000XMVR16-01/LSM1000XMVR12-01/LSM1000XMVR8-01/LSM1000XMVR4-01
  • ASM1000XMV12X-01, non-Aggregate Mode
  • ELM1000ST2
  • LSM1000XMVDC16
  • LSM1000XMSP12
  • LSM1000XMVDC12, LSM1000XMVDC8, LSM1000XMVDC4

10G Modules:

  • LSM10G1-01/LSM10gL1-01
  • LSM10GXL6-01/LSM10GXL6-02
  • LSM10GXM3-01/LSM10GXMR3-01
  • MSM10G1-01
  • LSM10GXM3-01/LSM10GXMR3-01
  • LSM10GXM4-01/LSM10GXMR4-01
  • LSM10GXM8-01/LSM10GXMR8-01
  • LSM1000XMV8-01/LSM1000XMVR8-01
  • LSM1000XMV12-01/LSM1000XMVR12-01
  • LSM10GXM2XP-01/LSM10GXMR2-01
  • LSM10GXM4XP-01
  • LSM10GXM8XP-01
  • LSM10GXM8-01/LSM10GXM8S-01
  • LSM10GXM8NG-01
  • Acceleron
  • Novus10/1GE16DP

25G Modules:


40G/100G Modules:

  • HSE 40GE QSFP1-01
  • FlexFE40QP
  • LAVA AP40/100GE 2P

Novus ONE appliance 
Novus ONE PLUS appliance 
100G Modules:
       NOVUS100GE8Q28+FAN 8-port QSFP28 100GE
400G Modules:
        T400GD-8P-QDD+200G+100G+50G (1X400G fanout mode)


NOTE:  CE2.0 test suite has been tested on these cards - LM1000STXS4, 10GE LSM XM4 (IxYukon card family), 10/100/1000 ASM XMV12X (Whistler card family).

Ixia Licensing

IxANVL 9.35 ships with Ixia Licensing Utility 5.50 EA.

9.35 Binary Builds:

Release Notes [ click here ]

If you would like to upgrade your current IxANVL software, please send an email to our Support Department and be sure to include your registration number.

If you need source code for the open source components used in this product, please send your request to Support.


ANVL Source Code End User License Agreement

ANVL Binary End User License Agreement

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