Important Information

On August 12th, 2022, many of Keysight’s Network Test, Network Visibility, & Edge to Core (NAS/formerly Ixia) products will migrate to a new license structure.

CRITICAL: If you perform licensing operations after August 12th, 2022, without upgrading the licensing software to the latest version, licenses may not register properly, and some features may be missing. This could impact testing and result in downtime.

For details, click here.

Ixia BreakingPoint
Version Number:
Release Date:
Saturday, October 15, 2016

BreakingPoint 8.13 firmware, together with IxOS 8.13 EA introduces support for Native IxOS.
It offers customers the option to convert their existing XGS2-HS, XGS12-HS, and PerfectStorm ONE appliances to run IxOS natively over a Linux OS.

Please note: PerfectStorm ONE appliances must be converted to Native IxOS to run 8.13 release or later.

BreakingPoint with Native IxOS (for PerfectStorm ONE, XGS2-HS, XGS12-HS systems)

For the 8.13 release, the BreakingPoint and IxOS software are embedded in the platform conversion package.
Make sure to follow the conversion guide to transfer IxOS licenses and BreakingPoint custom data to the converted system.

BreakingPoint for All Hardware Platforms (except Native IxOS)

*Please backup your current system before updating to BreakingPoint 8.13 software.
*Storm and Firestorm customers are advised to review the Resolved Defects list in the Release Notes. Some private patches applied on site by our Business Response Team might not be included in this release. Contact Ixia Customer Support before upgrading.

In addition to BreakingPoint Firmware this release requires updates of Flix OS and IxOS for the XGS2-HS and XGS12-HS chassis.