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Friday, December 18, 2020
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LoadCore 2.0, a major milestone in LoadCore's evolution, brings forth:

  • VoNR: the first release of our evolving fully flexible Voice engine
  • Multiple iRAT topologies addressing not only SP needs, but also NEMs looking into testing combo boxes (SPGW-C/SMF and SPGW-U/UPF)
  • Capability to test 4G Core form standalone UE/eNB-sim
  • More SBA nodes support (SMSF) and various enhancements to CHF, NRF simulations
  • Multiple MEC topologies in UI via UPF-isolation usecases: N9 interface, Uplink Classifier

LoadCore 2.0 continues the product's expansion into various virtual environments, with AWS, OpenShift and agent container support