Keysight CyPerf is the industry's first cloud-native solution with light-weight agents ​ deployed across a variety of physical, cloud and containerized environments.​

We are providing several pre-defined templates that will help you deploy the CyPerf solution ​in the platform or environment needed.​

Please follow below questions and click on links for detailed Deployment steps described in the Readme files. ​

1. What platform are you using?

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CyPerf solution can be deployed in multi-Cloud environment. ​
For example: Terraform script to deploy CyPerf Controller in GCP and CyPerf Agents in GCP and Azure, etc ​

Software Downloads​

Deployment options​

Software Downloads​

CyPerf Controller (OVA)

Note: to deploy the CyPerf Controller on ESXi, please download OVA
Version: 1.0.481​

(MD5 Checksum: 84926fe6c0f926a1f2553331f9cb49d9)
CyPerf Agent (OVA)

Note: to deploy the CyPerf Agent on ESXi, please download OVA

(MD5 Checksum: 523007c55e616c8f48b24e4da10ee14d)
CyPerf Agent (.deb)​


(MD5 Checksum: 1e531f954a9225956811ee75fad60274)

Note: More complex deployments are supported across multiple cloud platforms. Please use the simple examples described here as building blocks.​​

Note: More complex hybrid deployments are supported across on-premise and multiple cloud platforms. Please use the simple options described here as building blocks.​​​