Version Number:
9.10 Update6
Build Number:
Release Date:
Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Please note this version of IxLoad is license managed.

IxLoad 9.10 Update6 requires IxOS 9.10IxOS 9.10 Patch1IxOS 9.10 Patch2 or IxOS 9.10 Patch3 to be installed. IxOS can be installed in Native mode or Windows mode.

IxLoad Installer changes

Starting with IxLoad 9.00, running tests with any of the following capabilities: Analyzer, IPSec, SWu, HeNB, S4SWu, Untrusted WiFi Client, FTP Server, Capture Manager (part of AppReplay and IxLoad-Attack) requires installing the corresponding additional packages found under Open Source Software for IxLoad section below. These packages are required to be installed on top of the regular IxLoad client installation. 

AppLibrary installation changes

Starting IxLoad 9.00, AppLibrary Lite version is by default installed with the product. AppLibrary Lite contains basic flows to be used for testing. In order to get the entire AppLib flows database, one needs to install additional AppLibApps.exe package from Additional Content Packages section below.