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On August 12th, 2022, many of Keysight’s Network Test, Network Visibility, & Edge to Core (NAS/formerly Ixia) products will migrate to a new license structure.

CRITICAL: If you perform licensing operations after August 12th, 2022, without upgrading the licensing software to the latest version, licenses may not register properly, and some features may be missing. This could impact testing and result in downtime.

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Ixia BreakingPoint
Version Number:
Build Number: Build: 417772
Release Date:
Thursday, September 30, 2021


BreakingPoint 9.17 release is a dedicated release to introduce Keysight’s new APS-100/400GE Series next-generation network applications and security modular test platform.

Keysight’s APS platform consists of the APS-M1010 controller and APS-ONE-100 traffic generation appliance modules that can be stacked to provide customers with a cost-effective “pay-as-you-grow” approach to their network applications and security testing needs.

A single APS-M1010 controller can support up to ten APS-ONE-100 appliances in a single system offering linear scalability and flexibility. Each APS-ONE-100 appliance supports two native QSFP28 100GE active interfaces for test traffic generation.

For more details, please consult the Release Notes of this release and the BreakingPoint for APS-100/400GE Series dedicated User Guide. Detailed instructions on the system configuration and installation can be found in the APS-100/400GE Series Installation Guide, located under KCOS support download page.


This BreakingPoint release is focused on APS-100/400GE Series systems only. For non-APS systems (i.e., CloudStorm, PerfectStorm or VE), please consult the BreakingPoint downloads page for a suitable version.

Starting with 9.00 release, running an IPsec test will require an additional package to be installed on top of main BreakingPoint software from the Third Party Software download section.


Third Party Software